Truth Series


The Truth about Curcumin

The Truth about Curcumin outlines the therapeutic potential of this wonder molecule. While we also demystify the challenges facing our industry in making a formula that provides highly bioavailable, free-form curcumin to the tissues where you need it! 


The Truth about the Carrageenan Controversy 

The Truth about the Carrageenan Controversy reviews the confusion surrounding the health risks of the use of a popular stabilizing agent – carrageenan derived from red algae. Used widely in food and natural supplements, we investigate carrageenan’s effectiveness, environmental sustainability, biodegradability, nontoxicity, ease of access, and how low cost of production have popularized its use …

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The Truth about PEA – Palmitoylethanolamide

The Truth about PEA explores the largely misunderstood endocannabinoid system popularized by the phyto-cannabinoids found in cannabis products. Our review particularly focuses on the endocannabinoid palmitoylethanolamide (PEA). 


The Truth about Red Yeast Rice 

The Truth about the Red Yeast Rice tackles the concerns relating to safety, efficacy and regulatory compliance of this traditional Chinese treatment for cholesterol management. 


The Truth about B Vitamins 

The Truth about B vitamins explores the importance and complexity surrounding proper B vitamin supplementation; including descriptions of different biologically active forms, dosages and ratios. And how the application of orthomolecular concepts ensures optimal absorption and efficacy of supplements for those at risk of deficiency. 


The Truth about Magnesium 

The Truth about Magnesium explores the widespread (mis)use of magnesium supplements. Reviewing this key mineral’s role in the body, optimal absorption and health benefits of various salt forms. It further delves into common manufacturing practices that may reduce the efficacy of magnesium in the body. As well as tips and tricks to make the most …

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