Advances in Cannabinoids 

In this issue of Advances, we explore the novel and dynamic role of cannabinoids in the previously poorly understood but critical endocannabinoid system.  We review: 


Advances in Viruses 

In this issue of Advances, we explore how to optimize immune responses against viruses.  We review: 


Advances in Blood Sugar Management  

In this issue of Advances, we shed light on the health impacts of blood sugar dysregulation and new natural and nutritional strategies to manage blood sugar levels.    Articles include: 


Advances in Digestive Health 

In this issue of Advances, we explore natural opportunities to improve digestion and some conditions that may impact the breakdown and absorption of nutrients.  Articles include: 


Advances in the Microbiome 

In this issue of Advances, we explore opportunities to cultivate a diverse and healthy microbiome.  Articles include: 


Advances in Dementia 

In this issue of Advances, we discover the multifaceted role of lifestyle and genetics on the development and progression of dementia.   Articles include: 

Advances in GI Conditions 

In this issue, we explore complexities in the nutraceutical management of several gastrointestinal conditions including: 


Advances in Life Extension 

In this issue of Advances, we review some key concepts being discussed by healthy aging and life extension researchers including:  

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