Hormone Health

Stress-Induced Cognitive Dysfunction: The Hormone-Neurotransmitter Connection

Several studies have examined the influence of emotions on cognition, but common everyday situations also testify to the prevalence of this phenomenon. Indeed, who has never forgotten something important under the effect of acute stress, or hasn’t witnessed a menopausal relative complaining about becoming forgetful? The mechanisms and neural circuits involved in emotions and cognition are inextricably linked, and the maintenance of this delicate neurochemical balance is easily disrupted from exposure to stress. Stress triggers a cascade of hormone and neurotransmitter release throughout the brain, affecting our thoughts, decision-making process and behavior. Understanding the Impact of Stress Hans Selye (1907-1982),

Skeletal Development and its Influential Factors

A typical adult human skeleton consists of 206 bones. The skeleton gives support to the body and acts as a reservoir of various minerals. In spite of its solid appearance, the bone constitutes a very dynamic tissue that undergoes a continuous process of formation and resorption. The complex molecular mechanisms regulating bone remodeling are not fully understood, but we know that it involves a crosstalk between two types of cells: bone breakdown and resorption cells called osteoclasts and cells that form bone called osteoblasts. Osteoclasts degrade the mineral matrix in response to a variety of signals, while osteoblasts deposit new

Amazing Maca

In a busy society where stress predominates much of our lives, it is adaptogens like Maca that show great promise. As to the question of “why should I take it”, Maca has a unique chemistry that seems to address many aspects of health, not the least of which is sexual health and desire in men and women. Libido has been shown to decrease as stress levels increase. A healthy sex life has been touted as a key to overall health as has been shown to improve many things including mood, blood pressure, sleep quality and immune system function via positive

Is Stress Making You Sick?

Arguably, we are more stressed today than ever before in human history. As a result, stress accounts for 75 – 90% of all primary care visits in the US, and prescriptions for antidepressant and anti-anxiety medications are sky-rocketing. Many people recourse to self-medicating with substances such as stimulants, drugs, alcohol, tobacco and even food in an attempt to manage their mental stress. Stress is also considered to be the number one reason why people eat poorly and quit healthy lifestyle programs. Chronic stress is now acknowledged as a key driver behind most of our modern health complaints, both psychological and

The Vital Role Vitamin B Plays in our Life Story

The role that vitamin B plays, from the time we are in the womb right through the ageing process, cannot be underestimated. Let’s explore the importance of this family of vitamins throughout our life cycle. The Importance of Vitamin B during Pregnancy Nutritional deficiencies can lead to adverse outcomes in reproduction such as infertility and miscarriage. In pregnancy, a B12 deficiency can lead to complications in neonatal development, increasing the risk of preterm birth and lower birth weight1 Low levels of maternal red blood cell folate and high homocysteine values mid-pregnancy have also been found to be associated with reduced

Health Benefits of Selenium That You May Not Know About

If you are new to selenium, or have never heard of it, you are sure to be amazed at these health benefits. Selenium is a trace mineral that occurs naturally in soil, certain foods and, in very small amounts, in water. Because selenium is so hard to come by, many health professionals recommend taking a selenium supplement. Following are some of the health benefits you get with selenium. 1. Antioxidant When your body is exposed to harmful toxins that cause inflammation, an abundance of free radicals is let loose in your system. While some free radicals are essential to good health,

Get to Know & Support Your Thyroid Naturally

The thyroid is critical to the proper functioning of your metabolism. In fact, there are only three major hormones that control your metabolism. They are the thyroid hormone, insulin and cortisol. One of the most commonly diagnosed problems with thyroids is an under active thyroid. An under active thyroid is called hypothyroidism. This condition can lead to weight gain, but it also comes with other negative symptoms that detract from the quality of life. Symptoms of Hypothyroidism The symptoms of hypothyroidism may include: ● Loss of muscle strength● Dry skin● Constipation● Puffy eyes/face● Chronic fatigue● Memory loss● Ultra-sensitivity to cold● Hoarseness● Thinning

Weight Loss: More than Calorie Cutting!

Every day, we are bombarded with advertisements for new weight loss diets,  supplements, and exercise routines. The vast majority of us spend our entire lives struggling to maintain a weight that is healthy or desirable. There are certainly many people that are over-eating or under-exercising for their caloric requirements, and this contributes to obesity and a plethora of other disease states, such as diabetes. However, for some individuals, it doesn’t matter how little we eat, or how much we exercise, be- cause the weighing  scale doesn’t seem to be budge! Weight loss can be quite complex with many contributing factors, and the simple