What Supplements Should Women Over 40 Take?

A woman is constantly busy in her 40’s. You may be juggling a lot of responsibilities; from taking care of kids, managing a career, caring for your home and spending quality time with your husband. Where do your needs fit in? Looking and feeling your best into your 40s is a combination of staying active, eating right and supplementing with nutrients your body may be lacking at this age. Here’s a rundown of supplements that women over 40 should consider.


The list of natural supplements for women in their 40s should include B-Complex, such as AOR’s Advanced B Complex. Aging doesn’t just happen on the outside. Internal organs also age to a degree where their function may be impaired. B-Complex consists of an assortment of B vitamins that work together to combat free radicals, elevate good cholesterol and improve energy.


Omega-3 is found in fish oil. This important fatty acid fights inflammation in the body. As you know, inflammation is a precursor to a bevy of health issues and disease. Omega-3 has been shown to reduce heart disease, cognitive decline and joint pain.


As women age into their 40s, bones become less dense and more brittle. This can detrimentally affect overall health. Calcium is also used by the heart, muscles and other organs. A calcium supplement is essential for women in their 40s. Calcium should always be taken in conjunction with Vitamin D. This is because the body needs to form calcitrol, a hormone that allows it to absorb calcium from food and supplements. Without Vitamin D, the calcium supplement may not be properly absorbed. One natural calcium supplement to try is Ortho Bone. This contains both calcium and Vitamin D so you can be sure to give your body everything it needs to properly absorb calcium.


Women in their 40s often don’t feel as energetic as they used to. If you feel chronically tired or can’t “keep going” as long as you used to, it’s very likely that a natural chromium supplement could help. Chromium plays an integral role in regulating blood sugar. When blood sugar levels are stabilized, energy is available in a steady stream throughout the day. When blood sugar abruptly rises and falls, that’s when you get those big energy highs and lows. Chromium is also instrumental in stabilizing appetite, sustaining muscle mass and helping with fat loss. One good chromium supplement to try is Ortho Glucose II. It contains chromium as well as other natural extracts, like cinnamon, that have also been proven to help regulate blood sugar and metabolism.

By taking natural supplements like the ones recommended here, you can look forward to good health in your 40s and beyond. If you have any questions about what other supplements to consider, please don’t hesitate to contact us.





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