University of Manitoba

Winnipeg, Canada

Collaborator: Dr. Rotimi Aluko, University of Manitoba

Health Categories: Inflammation/Gastrointestinal Health

Research Summary: Iron deficiency and the associated anemia continues to be a public health problem in the world. with anAn estimated 3.5 billion people suffering from one form of iron‐deficiency problem or the another. There are negative symptoms associated with the use of inorganic iron supplements, so there is a need for alternative sources of iron. This project aimed to develop a proprietary process for extracting phyto‐ferritin to accommodate the needs of consumers who, for religious or ethical reasons, are unable to consume animal by‐products.

SF Summarization: This project aimed to develop a process for extracting an iron-protein complex found in plant chloroplasts in order to counter iron-deficiency.

Current Status: Completed

Stage: Pre-clinical study