University of Guelph

Ontario, Canada
Began Aug. 2017

Collaborator: Dr. Paul Spagnuolo, University of Guelph

Health Category: Metabolic Disorders/Health & Weight Loss

Research Summary: Fatty acid oxidation (β‐oxidation) is altered in numerous disease states including obesity and diabetes. In these chronic diseases, it is largely accepted that excessive fatty acid oxidation in muscle and liver mitochondria causes metabolic overload and inefficiency which drives obesity associated glucose intolerance and insulin insensitivity. Dr. Paul Spagnuolo, and his team at the University of Guelph, haves determined that an avocado‐derived lipid is a potent inhibitor of fatty acid oxidation, which safely causes weight loss in mice. AOR is funding this investigation and the clinical study is currently in the process of developing a supplement containing this lipid for diabetes and weight loss.

SF Summarization: This study is investigating the effects of an avocado-derived lipid in regards to healthy weight loss, while simultaneously working on a process to develop a supplement containing this lipid for weight loss and diabetes.

Current Status: Ongoing

Stage: Clinical Study