University of British Columbia

British Columbia, Canada
Began Oct. 2017

Collaborator: Dr. Aziz Ghahary, University of British Columbia

Health Categories: Anti-scarring

Research Summary: Fibrosis is a disorder belonging to a group of fibroproliferative conditions and is seen in different organs such as skin, liver, lung, kidney and arteries. It is estimated that approximately 40 % of all deaths in the United States are caused, in part, by fibroproliferative disorders. AOR was actively involved in developing and formulating a stable topical formula that delivered a novel anti‐fibrogenic factors to improve the outcome of wound healing in burn patients. This formula and also can be used as an anti‐scarring treatment for other conditions, such as auto‐immune conditions.

SF Summarization: This project developed and formulated a topical formula to improve the healing process of burns, and to be used as an anti-scarring treatment for other conditions such as fibrosis.

Current Status: Completed

Stage: Clinical study