University of Alberta

Edmonton, Canada

Collaborator: Dr. Robert Ippolito, Agri-food Discovery Place, University of Alberta

Health Categories: Extraction and Scale up Production Methods

Research Summary: Fermentation of buckwheat sprouts with specific lactobacillus bacteria has produced powerful anti-hypertensive molecules that are even more potent than the prescription drug Captopril. AOR, along with Dr. Bob Ippolito and his team at AFDP, optimized conditions to produce commercial scale quantities of these natural molecules with antihypertensive properties.

Animal and human studies are being planned. This discovery will help formulate a natural health product that can effectively reduce blood pressure without the corresponding side-effects.

SF Summarization: This study will attempt to scale up the production of fermented buckwheat to be used in the formulation of cardiovascular health products.

Current Status: Ongoing

Stage: Pre-clinical study