Queen’s University

Ontario, Canada

Collaborator: Dr. John Muscedere, Queen’s University

Health Categories: Immunity

Research Summary: Lactoferrin (LF), an 80-kDa, multifunctional glycoprotein of the transferrin family, is distributed widely in humans particularly in secretions of exocrine glands and specific neutrophil granules. The highest concentrations of LF are found in breast milk and colostrum. As an important component of the human innate immune system, it has many appealing properties that may prove effective for the prevention of Nosocomial Infections (NI’s). This clinical study evaluated the role of lactoferrin in the prevention of NI’s in the critically ill.

SF Summarization: This clinical study evaluated the role of lactoferrin (a glycoprotein found in breast milk) in the prevention of nosocomial infections (ex. upper respiratory tract infections URTI’s and pneumonia) in the critically ill.

Current Status: Completed

Stage: Clinical study