Benefits of benaGene®:

Powerful antioxidant    •    Regulates blood sugar
Mimics caloric restriction and activates anti-aging genes
Oxaloacetic acid is a naturally occurring compound central to metabolic processes. It’s in every cell of the body and is important for cellular energy production cycle and for the whole metabolism.
An increase in this compound mimics the effects of caloric restriction which is the only means shown to actually increase lifespan in animal studies. In other words, it produces the same antiaging benefits as dieting, without actually dieting – flipping the “on” switch for hundreds of antiaging genes.
As if that wasn’t enough, oxaloacetic acid also helps to regulate blood sugar and increase energy.
AOR was the first to introduce to North America a stable and bioavailable oxaloacetic acid in benaGene®.


We are not only always researching the best raw materials that science and nature have to offer, we actually make research happen, through our worldwide collaborations. Our in-house team of medical and naturopathic experts have narrowed down the most relevant global research for you here.

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