High Dose R-Lipoic Acid


The most effective form of lipoic acid on the market

  • A premium healthy-aging antioxidant
  • Promotes healthy mitochondria function
  • World’s first 95%-pure R-lipoic acid formula
  • Provides metabolic and neurological support
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The human body naturally produces free radicals that often have damaging effects. To counteract the negative impact of free radicals, the body also produces antioxidants. But more often than not, free radicals far outnumber the naturally occurring antioxidants. In order for our bodies to maintain balance, it is necessary to supplement with external sources of antioxidants.

Consuming a healthy and balanced diet is a great way to increase our intake of antioxidants that support our overall health. But sometimes, our busy lives get in the way of healthy eating. Using the right natural supplements is an ideal way to get more antioxidants. Antioxidants benefit the body by neutralizing and removing free radicals from the bloodstream, and since different antioxidants benefit different parts of the body, it is important to incorporate a variety.

AOR’s High Dose R-Lipoic Acid 300 MG is the world’s first pure R-lipoic acid. It was introduced by AOR in 1999. This powerful healthy-aging nutrient has been shown to mimic some of the effects of caloric restriction, a proven dieting method that promotes healthy aging and mitochondrial function.

R-lipoic acid is a versatile antioxidant known for its ability to support the protection of the brain and nerve cells from free radicals and heavy metals such as iron, which has been linked to cognitive and neurodegenerative diseases. High doses of R-lipoic acid have also been shown to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels as well as to promote the protection of the nerves in the presence of sugar and support weight loss

AOR’s R-Lipoic Acid delivers the most effective form of this valuable antioxidant at a high dose, unlike conventional alpha-lipoic acid supplements that are not as effective.


High Dose R-Lipoic Acid provides a high dose of powerful antioxidants that promote good health. The formula provides only the natural “R” form that is produced in the body, unlike most alpha-lipoic acid supplements which also contain equal amounts of the synthetic, inactive “S” form. AOR’s High Dose R-Lipoic Acid is now in delayed-release capsules to enhance stability and effectiveness.*


AOR™ guarantees that all ingredients have been declared on the label. Made without wheat, gluten, corn, nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, sulfites, mustard, soy, dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish or any animal by-product.

Adult Dosage

Take 1 capsule twice daily with/without food, or as directed by a qualified health care practitioner.


Consult your physician before use if you are pregnant, lactating, have a medical condition (like diabetes or if you experience low blood sugar), or are taking any medication. Keep out of reach of children.


Pharmaceutical synthesis

Main Applications
  • Network antioxidant
  • Mitochondrial function
  • Cognitive support
  • Neurological function
  • Healthy aging

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value
Sodium (from R-lipoic acid sodium salt)
30 mg
(R-Lipoic acid (from R-lipoic acid sodium salt)
300 mg

† Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients: organic rice hulls, capsule (hypromellose, gellan gum, water).

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