Robbins: All wrapped up for Christmas

Dec 20, 2019

… MyBlueprint™, a DNA-kit from Calgary-based AOR, delivers personalized health insights directly to your inbox. This off-the-shelf genetic testing kit provides a user-friendly, comprehensive nutrition and lifestyles report. It won’t tell you, for example, if you have the BRCA1 gene associated with breast cancer, but it will reveal your celiac risk and what exercises you’re best suited for. Once you have this actionable information, you can share it with your doctor for further analysis. (myblueprintdna.ca)

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Your DNA. Your Health.

AOR’s groundbreaking MyBlueprint™ is a DNA-based Nutrition and Lifestyle Report that uses cutting-edge technology to identify your unique genetic variations. The information in the test provides: 84 SNPs, 65 genes, 41 clinical endpoints, and 8 key health categories.

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