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AOR Continues to Revolutionize the Supplement Industry Utilizing Proprietary nanoVAILABLE Technology

CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY – Leading dietary supplement formulator, Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR) is pleased to announce the launch of their two latest releases, Infla-Knight and Nano-Boswellia. Leveraging botanicals regarded for their role in supporting joint health, as well as inflammatory response support and pain management, AOR has reformulated and optimized centuries-old Ayurvedic, herbal medicines using innovative nanoVAILABLE technology to increase efficacy. 

Infla-Knight™: Formulated with optimized curcumin, Boswellia Serrata, ashwagandha, and oleanolic acid, these herbs are some of the world’s most effective natural anti-inflammatories and this plant-based blend work together to help reduce joint pain, while supporting flexibility and mobility.

Nano-Boswellia: Sourced from the Boswellia Serrata plant, Boswellia is a standardized extract of a century’s old botanical, regarded for its role in supporting joint health, as well as inflammatory response support, respiratory and skin health.

Leveraging AOR’s nanoVAILABLE technology, Infla-Knight and Nano-Boswellia were born out of necessity and inspired by the company’s mission of developing supplements which allow consumers to unlock access to their optimal health. Realizing the limited absorption rate and bioavailability of these botanicals, AOR developed their cutting-edge technology to address these molecules’s core issues, improving efficacy of their botanical ingredients. By reducing the particle size to nanometers, while enhancing dissolution and emulsification of the active ingredients, AOR targets the molecule’s core issues bettering its usage. Now, with AOR’s nanoVAILABLE technology, you can take less and get more.

“Developed through AOR’s research collaborations, our nanoVAILABLE technology showcases the benefits of AOR’s work in creating safe and actionable products to improve health outcomes and the wellbeing of our patients,” said Dr. Paul Hrkal, Medical Director, AOR. “The success of our latest project highlights the company’s ongoing commitment to providing an unmatched level of quality and innovation in all of our products. We’re proud of our employee’s dedication to developing the most-technologically advanced, evidenced-based, and scientifically-backed nutraceuticals on the market.”
Now available, Nano-Boswellia retails for $34.96 and Infla-Knight retails for $59.96 and both can be purchased on the AOR website. To learn more, please visit


Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR), a Canadian-based company with headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, has an established reputation in Canada as the most advanced dietary supplement formulator in the country and likely, the world. At AOR, we believe that truth and transparency are the most important values for any organization to uphold. 

It is through ethical discipline and evidenced-based science that we lead and advance the natural health industry. As visionaries, we seek to catalyze change and challenge conventions through continuous innovation. We exist to create safe, effective, and therapeutic solutions from nature herself, so you can always trust that we deliver the right molecule in the right dose, at the right place, at the right time.

January 29, 2019