Plant Based Supplements – Everything You Should Know

You have a choice among plant based supplements, chemical based supplements and animal based supplements. Plant based supplements are considered the top choice among physicians and researchers. Here’s why.

What Are Plant Based Supplements?

Plant based supplements are derived from natural sources as opposed to chemical sources. Natural sources for plant based supplements include herbs, flowers, leaves, stems. bark, seeds, nuts, spices, vegetables, fruits, and other naturally-occurring botanical ingredients. Nutrients are extracted from the botanicals through a variety of means, depending on the botanical and depending upon the desired results. These nutrients are then formulated in accordance with regulatory guidelines to provide natural supplements to those who need them. AOR is one of the largest natural plant based supplements manufacturers.  AOR performs lab testing on all products, works with researchers in 32 universities worldwide and innovates new research initiatives.

Categories of Plant Based Supplements

Plant based supplements exist in all categories but to get a sense of the difference between natural plant based supplements and chemical-based supplements, take a look at what makes up the various categories.

Vitamin C

Everyone is familiar with vitamin C. You can find this supplement on store shelves from various brands. But a plant based vitamin C supplement is derived from actual fruits and berries, whereas non-plant based Vitamin C supplements are partially made from acetone. Acetone is a chemical solvent that is also used to remove nail varnish.


Plant based iron supplements are made with Murraya Koenigii leaves. The Murraya Koenigii plant, also called curry leaf, is rich in iron. However, non-plant based iron supplements are made with sulphuric acid, which is a mineral acid that is widely used in chemical fertilizers.


Omega-3 is hard to get in the diet, so it’s essential to take omega-3 supplements. However, if you’re a vegan or vegetarian, it’s important to take a plant based omega-3 supplement, which is made from algae. Non-plant based omega-3 supplements are made with fish guts, which goes against the vegan and vegetarian lifestyles.

What are the Benefits of Plant Based Supplements?

Plant based supplements are superior to non plant based supplements on many levels. That’s why AOR, the leading manufacturer of plant based supplements, is committed to providing natural supplements and educating consumers about them.

More Readily Absorbed

Plant based natural supplements have better bioavailability than non-plant based supplements. Bioavailability has to do with how easily your body absorbs and is able to use the nutrient. If the supplement is not bioavailable, it simply passes through, unused.

Lower Toxicity Risks

Plant based natural supplements have lower toxicity risks. If you take too much of a particular nutrient, there could be toxic risks involved. Since plant based supplements are more gentle, the risk of toxic reactions is reduced, particularly when compared to animal-sourced supplements.

As you can see plant based natural supplements are the best choice. AOR offers a vast range of natural plant based supplements to suit every need. For more information, please feel free to contact us.






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