Holiday Packages

Stay resilient, energized and
stress-free over the holidays!

The holidays are a hectic time of year for most people, AOR is here to help! Achieve your health goals this holiday season and give yourself (or a loved one) some wellness with our brand new AOR Wellness Collections.
AOR Holiday Packages

Immunity Collection

Give yourself or a loved one a boost to the immune system!

Diet, lifestyle and emotional health all factor into the resilience of the immune system. The pressures of holiday planning, shopping and entertaining can be tiring and stressful, leading to weakened immunity. That’s where AORs Immunity Collection can help.

This collection contains:

  • Mushroom Synergy
  • P.E.A. Endocannabinoid Support
  • Vitamin D3


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AOR Holiday Packages

Weight Management Collection

This holiday season, focus on maintaining and not gaining.

Making healthy choices isn’t always easy during celebrations. Blood sugar spikes and inflammation can accompany festive overeating. Help your body process the seasons indulgences with the Weight Management Collection.

This collection contains:

  • benaGene®
  • Triphlax-750
  • Active Green Tea
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