Health Benefits of Oxaloacetate Supplementation

If you are seeking to enjoy a better quality of life, and more of it, then you owe it to yourself to consider the best kind of supplement, which is oxaloacetate. The powerful key ingredient oxaloacetate just may be your key to a longer, healthier life.

What is Oxaloacetate?

Oxaloacetate, sometimes called oxaloacetate acid, is a naturally occurring compound in the body. While it is not considered a vitamin or a nutrient, it does contribute to many key functions in the human body. In recent years, oxaloacetate acid has attracted the attention of scientific researchers who are looking at the ways that oxaloacetate acid impacts brain function and aging.

Some of the focus of this research has included oxaloacetate acid’s affect on the reduction of brain damage caused by ischemic attacks, which are a type of stroke. Other areas of focus include work around oxaloacetate acid’s neuroprotective properties, which may inhibit neurotoxicity, and reduce brain inflammation. Another exciting area of research involves oxaloacetate acid’s function in healthy aging, along with evidence that suggests that oxaloacetate acid promotes longevity.

Looking Closer at the Health Benefits of Oxaloacetate

Oxaloacetate is a primary ingredient used in powerful healthy aging supplements. This exciting compound offers a wide range of benefits to promote better health and enhanced quality of life. In clinical studies, oxaloacetate has been shown to offer a tremendous amount of benefits, including:

1. Neuroprotection for the Brain

The brain plays an important part in the aging process. After all, what good is being able to live longer if you don’t have the cognitive ability to enjoy life? Healthy aging must include a healthy brain, and oxaloacetate has been shown to play a role in protecting brain function in part by scavenging glutamate in the blood. One of the most common signs of aging is an increase in neurotoxicity. This function of oxaloacetate essentially helps to protect brain neurons from neurotoxicity, also known as glutamatergic excitotoxicity. As oxaloacetate circulates in the body, it also works to protect brain neurons from damage caused by exposure to environmental poisons such as fumigants and insecticides. Mitochondria play a critical role in the function of the brain and oxaloacetate helps to ensure that brain mitochondria are functioning at optimal levels. Research has indicated that oxaloacetate can enhance recovery times after a stroke, or anytime the brain has been deprived of oxygen, such as after brain trauma, or as a result of brain inflammation. Oxaloacetate has also been suspected of being able to help prevent certain kinds of stroke, like ischemic attacks, which are a particular kind of mini-stroke.

2. Healthy Aging

Finding healthy ways to age has been the desire of billions of people for centuries. As we age, many of our bodily functions seem to fail. Some are less serious, but others, such as dementia are far more serious and lead to a drastic loss in the quality of living.

Oxaloacetate helps support healthy aging by protecting the brain from the onset of dementia. Neurotoxicity can have devastating affects on the brain’s ability to remember things that happened both in the distant past and in the recent past by offering protection to the brain’s neurons. Of course, neurons are how the brain communicates to various areas of the brain as well as to the body. This communication flow is at least partially protected by oxaloacetate.

3. Longevity

One of the recently proven ways to extend longevity is by calorie restriction. Calorie restriction helps to extend life by increasing the levels of ketones in the body, by slowing down metabolism, and by lengthening telomeres. Of course, calorie restriction is a dietary regimen that reduces food intake without incurring malnutrition. This is something that most people find it difficult to do. This is especially true because we all have busy lives to lead. Without the calorie consumption to give you energy to work and play, how are you supposed to thrive?

The good news is that supplementation with oxaloacetate enables you to achieve a semblance of calorie restriction in your body without actually fasting. In fact, with regular intake of oxaloacetate, your body mimics 98% of the changes that occur through a standard caloric restrictive lifestyle. This is exciting news, since calorie restriction also offers an abundance of other health benefits, such as better cholesterol levels, reduction in high blood pressure, enhanced blood sugar control, and a return to normal insulin production levels.

If you’re seeking new ways to enhance your health, protect your cognitive abilities, support healthy aging and increase your lifespan, then oxaloacetate is the best kind of supplement you should consider. As you’ve read, oxaloacetate has been clinically shown to have all these benefits and more. There’s no better time to start looking into supplementing with oxaloacetate than right now!








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