What Supplements Should Women over 30 Take?

Women in their 30s often don’t hit the minimums for essential vitamins and nutrients. This may be due to unhealthy eating habits left over from their 20s or it may be because women in their 30s are often completely focused on their careers. This inattention to dietary needs often leads to vitamin deficiencies that can reduce overall health or even lead to more serious health consequences later in life. If you find yourself in this stage of life, here are some supplements to consider taking. Antioxidants Antioxidants combat the circulation of free radicals in the body. These free radicals lead to

Broccoli Sprouts as Powerful Antioxidants

It may well be true that if we had listened better to what our grandparents and parents taught us about the importance of eating fruit and vegetables, we would be living healthier and perhaps longer lives. Research is beginning to show us that aging, and the diseases that accompany that process, may well be the result of the decreasing ability of our bodies to deal with oxidative stress. There is also substantial evidence showing that eating adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables de-creases our chances of developing can-cer, high blood pres-sure, heart disease, stroke and diabetes. A complex network of

De-Mystifying Methylation

Even without a science degree, you likely have come across the term methylation. It’s receiving attention in the medical community these days because of its widespread impact on health. But what exactly is methylation? In humans, this reaction occurs in every single one of our cells, except red blood cells, which gives some insight into how vital methylation is, not only for survival but for us to thrive. Methylation is an essential biochemical process that forms the basic building blocks for hundreds of different biochemical reactions in the body. Through this pathway, folate and vitamin B12 help to form ‘methyl’

Health Benefits of Selenium That You May Not Know About

If you are new to selenium, or have never heard of it, you are sure to be amazed at these health benefits. Selenium is a trace mineral that occurs naturally in soil, certain foods and, in very small amounts, in water. Because selenium is so hard to come by, many health professionals recommend taking a selenium supplement. Following are some of the health benefits you get with selenium. 1. Antioxidant When your body is exposed to harmful toxins that cause inflammation, an abundance of free radicals is let loose in your system. While some free radicals are essential to good health,