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Oral Health- Beyond Brushing your Teeth

Oral Health and Overall Health The oral cavity is the starting point of our digestive tract, masticating and breaking down our food so we can begin to get nutrients. Beyond that, it is the first point of exposure to many pathogens; this vulnerability means we have developed the physiology and structure to keep us protected. We are going to review why oral health contributes to overall health and what you can do to fortify your first line of defense. Risky Business Our mouths and throat are designed to optimise function, meaning improve digestion and prevent infection. Most people associate our

Foundational Nutrition for Optimal Health

As any good builder can attest, creating a strong foundation is imperative. Likewise, in health, we want to ensure that we are providing each bodily system with the key structures for proper physiology. See the thing is our bodies are very good at knowing what to do in the right circumstances. So, when we talk about health optimization, we are really talking about creating those “right” circumstances.  Of course, we all have different needs depending on our dietary habits, current health status, environment, and genetic predispositions. That being said there are some universal principles we all need to take stock

Vitamin B Deficiencies: Signs & Causes

Are you vulnerable? How to avoid deficiencies? A vitamin is characterized by the fact that, in its absence, key physiologic processes are blocked that can result in serious health consequences. This is made especially clear when we look at the role of B vitamins. B vitamins act as co-enzymes in thousands of molecular processes in the body, and we have learned more about their unique functions by examining what happens when they aren’t present than when they are. The concept of “characterizing by deficiency” has led to incredible discoveries, while highlighting the importance of prevention. So, while you may not