AOR’s Healthy Gift Guide

Finding the perfect, unique, and appropriate gift for your loved ones can be a stressful task. Luckily, we came up some gift recommendations for you. Maybe these ideas will remind you of someone on your list.

Your ex-professional golfing dad (at least he thought he was pro) is having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning with stiff joints and rickety knees. He dislikes taking medication is willing to try natural supplements.

Gift recommendation: P.E.A.k Endocannabinoid Support

Why: Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) has widespread activity in supporting and sustaining the endocannabinoid system. PEA is scientifically shown to help reduce minor discomfort and it supports a healthy inflammatory response.

Tossing and turning all night, mom can’t get to sleep and when she finally manages to, she wakes up completely unrested.

Gift recommendation: Ortho Sleep™

Why: Ortho Sleep™ combines calming herbs with melatonin as well as serotonin and Gaba precursors to help address the root cause of sleep issues.

University student Elaine is studying biology and wants to learn more about how her genes affect her overall health.

Gift recommendation: MyBlueprint™

Why: MyBlueprint™ is a DNA-based nutrition and lifestyle report that helps identify your unique genetic variations in eight key health categories.

Samuel just started school and is expanding his mind, social circle, not to mention the number of bugs he picks up. He seems to be catching a lot more colds, getting ear infections and getting some nasty tummy aches. His mom has tried all she can to get him to eat more fermented foods (we will let you guess how that went), and even supplementing with probiotic capsules which he doesn’t like swallowing.

Gift recommendation: LavaRox™ Immune Health

Why: This revolutionary, sugar free granule is appealing to kids because it tastes great. Parents will love that it has two strains of beneficial probiotics that have been shown to reduce the number of sick days from school and digestive discomfort of school aged children. These convenient sachets are easy to throw in with lunch.

Reuben has a propensity to over indulge on wine, chocolate and cheese over the holidays and inevitably complains of acid reflux. Skeptical about these “natural remedies” he prefers to pop a bottle of tums.

Gift recommendation: Gastro Relief

Why: Not only does AOR’s Gastro Relief offer symptomatic support for the burning, chest pain, and discomfort associated with acid reflux, but it also addresses underlying damage to the cells lining the stomach and esophagus.

Monique has a child that keeps getting sick and a job that has her working 12 hour days. She finds she is feeling anxious and but still needs to present to her colleagues and stay alert.

Gift recommendation: Zen Theanine™

Why: Theanine found in green tea is an amino acid that can cross the blood brain barrier. After doing so, it shifts brain wave activity to the more relaxing alpha brain waves, allowing calming without drowsiness. 

Yourself: That’s right, you deserve something too!  

Gift recommendation: Magnesium Synergy Why: Let’s face it, most of us are not eating enough leafy greens and even if we are the changing quality of our soil means that we may not be getting enough magnesium. Magnesium has over 300 biochemical roles in our body, from muscle function, mood, sleep quality, bone health, cardiovascular support and more. So it’s a good idea to add some into your supplement

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